Worspoday Survival Kit Review

Video Field Review

We took this kit out to the bush to test the gear and see how it works.  Instead of simply showing you the product we like to test it to ensure it meets our standards.  Click on the picture to watch now and see how it stood up to our tests.

Tactical Knife for Survival, Camping, and Wilderness

The well-constructed survival knife is shaving-sharp right out of the box. In our field tests it did exceptionally well at carving, feather sticks and the spine of the blade is sharp enough for creating fuzz sticks. 

Emergency Survival Blanket

The Mylar space blanket is unsurpassed with warmth vs. weight. These blankets are highly reflective and effective as both a blanket as well as a heat reflector. Small strips can be used to become a highly reflective signaling device. 

Paracord Compass

The Military-Grade paracord bracelet comes with a built-in button compass, whistle, and fire-steel. With the 7 inner-strands and the outer sheathe it provide ample cordage for survival shelters, traps and more.

Durable Flashlight

The flashlight provides ample brightness and function. A movable bezel allows for focus of the beam and the high, low and SOS functions make it very versatile.

Waterproof Carrying Case

The durable, waterproof and lightweight carrying case can be used to boil water in a pinch and keeps everything nicely compacted while in your bag.