Alritz Survival Kit

Survival Kit

Alritz Survival Kit


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Compass- Compass for finding direction and hopefully your way back!

11-in-1 Survival Tool-

1. Can Opener

2. Knife Edge

3. Screw Driver

4. Ruler

5. Cap Opener

6. 4-Position Wrench

7. Butterfly Wrench

8. Sawblade

9. Directional Ancillary Indication

10. 2 Position Wrench

11. Lanyard Hole

Ferro Rod- Good soft ferro-rod for starting fire

LED Light- Bright small LED for a backup candling device

Pen & Glass Breaker- Ability to leave notes should you leave your area and a glass-breaker in case needed.

Knife- Sharp out-of-the-box folding knife

Wire Saw- Quality wire saw with swivels at both ends to ensure durability

Whistle- Loud, high-pitch whistle

Flashlight- Flashlight with a focus bezel and bright, dim and strobe settings

Mylar Survival Space Blanket- Traditional single-use Mylar space blanket. Great for a reflective shelter as well as a blanket if necessary.

Black Container- Carrying case and a container for boiling water if necessary.